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about sanlaap

Founded in 1987 and formally registered in 1989, SANLAAP is a non-government development organisation. SANLAAP works to combat Human Trafficking and Prevent Second Generation Prostitution. By virtue of its uni-focal counter trafficking initiatives, SANLAAP has evolved as a pioneering organisation to holistically address the issue of trafficking in persons, particularly for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. This has paved the way for the organisation to stand as an important policy influencing institution in the South Asian region today.

SANLAAP walks through the life of a 'victim' to her being a 'survivor' of trafficking through the mechanism of institutional care and protection. The journey thus starts from the time of her 'rescue' to her 'reintegration within the community' through the stages of psychosocial rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration. Over the years for a couple of decades now, the organisation has broadened its horizon to encompass 'prevention and 'protection' initiatives as well. Its adoption of a 'gender sensitive rights based approach" shows a distinct reflection on the organisation's philosophy, efforts and programme design.

SANLAAP's continuous and close interaction with the victims has given tremendous impetus and inspiration to the organisation to continue working for its cause. Its incessant endeavour towards fight for justice has received much accolade and appreciation globally. The last 10 years has seen an exponential growth and development in the organisation's initiatives and can be termed as its defining period. The expansion is in terms of magnitude of work, staff strength and expertise, volume of beneficiaries, liaison with partners and stakeholders, increase in fund and resource allocation and last but not the least, consolidation of people's belief and faith in the organisation's efforts and philosophy.

On the threshold of yet other new initiatives, SANLAAP believes that "still a lot remains to be spoken of the unspoken". However, it is true that a sole organisation and a handful of people cannot sustain this Herculean task. The entire community needs to unite as a shield against such social crimes. SANLAAP sincerely hopes that each individual would feel obliged to support the organisation and its cause to render the whole movement meaningful. Through its evolution, experiences and learning over the past couple of decades, SANLAAP has arrived at a juncture where it is continuously creating models of best practices to be disseminated among stakeholders across all tiers, particularly the State, for their appropriate adaptation and replication. The elaboration of the following organisational initiatives (programmes) will elucidate the aforementioned.

SANLAAP's Core Programmes:

  • Institutional Care and Protection Programme… The Shelter Homes – SNEHA (lit. affection)
  • District based Prevention and Protection Programme… A Campaign & Child Protection Initiative
  • Community based Prevention and Protection Programme (Red Light Area Intervention)…
  • Community Based Rehabilitation Programme
  • Youth Partnership Programme (Youth Led Advocacy and Action Initiative)
  • Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies & Judiciary through Capacity Building
  • SANLAAP, Delhi: (The Strategic Impact Initiative of the organisation with the Government of India)… The Advocacy & Networking
  • Research & Documentation… The Information Activism Initiative
  • SALAH: The Legal Assistance Programme

Address and Contact:
38 B Mahanirban Road
Kolkata 700029
Ph: 91-33-2464 9596, 91-33-2702 1287/ 1113
Fax: 91-33-2464 3844
Email: [email protected]